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If in doubt, sit them out’ is the strapline for the UK Governments concussion guidelines, making clear no-one should return to sport within 24 hours of a suspected concussion and builds on guidance already introduced in Scotland.
Players, parents, coaches, teachers and administrators are now asked to read the guidance and familiarise themselves with the necessary steps to:
  • RECOGNISE the signs of concussion;
  • REMOVE anyone suspected of being concussed immediately and;
  • RETURN safely to daily activity, education/work and, ultimately, sport.
Graduated Return to Activity
Generally, a short period of relative rest (first 24-48 hours) followed by a gradual stepwise return to normal life (education, work, low level exercise), then subsequently to sport is safe and effective.

Progression through the stages below is dependent upon the activity not more than mildly exacerbating symptoms. Medical advice from the NHS via 111 should be sought if symptoms deteriorate or do not improve by 14 days after the injury. Those with symptoms after 28 days should seek medical advice via their GP.

Participating in light physical activity is beneficial and has been shown to have a positive effect on recovery after the initial period of relative rest. The focus should be on returning to normal daily activities of education and work in advance of unrestricted sporting activities.

If symptoms continue beyond 28 days remain out of sport and seek medical advice from a GP.